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Reading University

Reading University Cybernetics Intelligent Research Group is one of the leading robotics departments in the world. This page will tell you more about their leading role in the creation of your Cybot, and in the future will feature news and photos from their current cybernetics projects. This will be the place to see cutting edge robots in the making.

The original Cybot!
Cybot's ancestor!


Cybot is the result of a year-long partnership between The University of Reading and Eaglemoss Publications. Designed by a team of robotics researchers in CIRG (the Cybernetics Intelligence Research Group) at the University, Cybot uses many of the techniques used in the research robots at the University as well as incorporating a range of new features designed especially for the magazine and kit collection.
Reading Uni Cybernetics logo
Professor Kevin Warwick
Kevin Warwick is professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. His main interest is the development of cyborg technology – the coming together of human beings and machines. He has already received one electronic implant, which allowed a computer to track him through a building. His next implant will be connected directly to his nervous system and monitor signals sent from his brain to his left arm.

Six dwarves
Six of the Seven Dwarves


The design of Cybot is based on that of the University's Seven Dwarf Robots. The Dwarves were originally developed to introduce school and college students to robotics and used a simple sonar system (similar to that found on Cybot) which allowed them to avoid and follow solid objects. Later versions of the Dwarves were given the capacity to learn
for themselves, how to move around in their environment and the ability to share this
information with each other either directly or over the Internet.
Robo boffins
The Reading Team......and friends


Last year, the Intellibots made their first public appearance at the Science Museum in London in an exhibit for the new Wellcome Wing. As well as boasting improved communication and drive systems, the Intellibots are easily expandable to allow for new sensors and actuators to be added with the minimum of fuss, much like Cybot.
Intellibots on display
Intellibots at The Science Museum, London

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