Dear Customers,

We have identified a problem with a small proportion of the handset LCD micro-controller (uC3) boards, delivered with Issue 22. This can affect the screen, games performance and, later, the remote control.
If you are having trouble getting your handset working, a temporary solution is to disconnect the loudspeaker plug inside the handset, after first removing the batteries. Please see "Disconnecting the handset's loudspeaker". Remember to replace the batteries afterwards. Unfortunately, your handset will have no sound temporarily, but it should function correctly in all other ways.

To provide a permanent fix for your handset and restore its sound as soon as possible, we'll supply a plug-in resistor to attach between the loudspeaker plug and the SPK socket on the LCD micro-controller board. This resistor will come with Issue 33 in the Test area and Issue 28 for the rest of the UK, together with easy-fixing instructions.

If you have experienced problems with your handset, we apologise and hope this won't affect your enjoyment of Cybot and Ultimate Real Robots.

Best wishes.
The Editor, Ultimate Real Robots

The loudspeaker is connected to the uC3 micro-controller board (under the hinged blue panel of the handset) by the two BLUE wires plugged into socket SPK.

Remove the handsets
batteries. Lift the blue panel.
Grip the loudspeakers white
plug between your fingernails, or with pointed-nosed
pliers. Wiggle the plug
gently from side to side
at the same time as
pulling it out.
The plug should come away from the socket and can be left loose inside the handset. If it wont unplug easily, see Tip below. Refit the batteries and try out the handsets menu of options.

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