The Real Robots development team has
finally completed its work on TOM, a brilliant
new robot mate for Cybot. Starting at Issue 71, we are delighted to be able to supply you with
the first components youll need to assemble
your brand new robot.

TOM (short for Tracking Orbital Module)
incorporates a number of Cybots functions
plus some exciting new ones. Here are some
of TOMs key features:


" Scanning sonar TOM can negotiate its environment quickly and smoothly.

" Fantastic body design sleek new lines make TOM the ideal running mate for CYBOT.

" Improved manoeuvrability a smaller lighter frame means TOM negotiates its environment at lightning speeds.

" Full programmability take advantage of TOMs improved sensors and outputs in your own programs, try them out in the simulators, and then download them to TOM.

" Built-in AI TOM "learns" how to move safely around its environment by itself and via voice commands. As TOM learns, lights from red and blue LEDs, plus sounds, tell you what it is experiencing.

" An emotion mixer allows TOM to tell you what it is experiencing and needs through a combination of lights and sounds.

" Interaction with CYBOT
TOM is able to follow Cybot, play hide and seek, play tag, play catch
with a ball; and play Cybot in the Cyball game.










TOM will be complete in just 26 issues and the price will remain exactly the same as before just £3.99 per issue.
We are confident that youll get as much pleasure from TOM as you have from CYBOT.