Not to be missed if you can get to London Japan: Gateway to the Future. This is a free exhibition all about the latest advances in Japanese science and technology, and includes Robotics Communication where you can see, touch and play with robots like Aibo. Most excellent!
The Hubble Space Telescope, a joint ESA and NASA project, has already made some of the most dramatic discoveries in the history of astronomy. Check out some of the amazing pictures its already captured and keep up to date with pictures as the come in at:

Living Robots Show at Magna


Check out the deeply cool Living Robots Show at Magna (the UK's first Science Adventure Centre) in Rotherham. 'Living Robots' is a world-first experiment into artificial evolution. Developed by Professor Noel Sharkey, of Robot Wars fame, the Living Robots have one goal - to obtain enough energy to survive and breed. The prey find their food from light sensors within the arena, while the predators feed off prey by stalking and chasing them before sucking away their power. Check out the website for full details....

Cyberworld 3D

at IMAX Cinemas everywhere.

Come face to face
with your favourite
characters - Bart and
Homer Simpson, 'Z'
from Antz, and Phig
the sassy cyber babe
- as they leap out of
Britain's biggest
screen! More details
on this cool website:

The National Space Centre, Leicester

Now Open!

A fantastic new venue in Leicester dedicated to space science and astronomy. They have amazing space rockets, satellites and capsules and much, much more. Check them out on or call on 0870 60 77223

The Science Museum, London

1st February 2002

In April 2004 the hugely successful K*bot series will be coming to the UK! We are looking for competitors aged 8 16 years with an interest in robots. The K*bot UK Championships will give you the chance to build and compete with robots constructed out of KNEX ® in 5 different Divisions, ranging from manual operation to motorised, and even remote control, models! The 2004 event in Oxford this April will be a 5-day fun event held during the Easter holidays, and will feature many other chances to get creative with KNEX ® besides the K*bot Championship. For anyone interested, please click on the following link for more information, pictures of K*bot events around the World, and the chance to apply for the competition.

April 2004

K*bot UK Championships

(Now Showing)