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Issue 69 and 70: Cyball switch settings

We apologise to everyone who has experienced difficulties with the Cyball games. On page 5 of both Issue 69 and 70 Cybot: Step by Step, the switch setup chart has several errors. Please use the correct setup shown below.

Unfortunately, when these magazines went to press in the UK, we were working with prototypes that we now realise did not exactly match the final components produced for us in China. This type of robotics technology is very new and in this instance we have regrettably allowed a development glitch to filter through to our customers.

We would also like to clarify that the goal/beacon settings are for the team’s OWN goal (not the goal the team is shooting towards). Additionally, please note that it does not matter which dip switch (channel) settings are chosen for Cybot, provided they match the channel set on the operating handset. In 2-Player mode, always use a different channel for each robot and handset.

Some customers have reported a bug in the robot’s software which results in the dip switch setting displaying a different number on the rear of the robot. For example, setting channel 8 displays channel 15. However, provided you select a matching
channel on the handset (15 in this example), the mode then functions properly. Alternatively, try switching the robot off then back on again to rectify the display.

We hope these new instructions will now enable you to have the fun we had planned.

The Publisher




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